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What is Andras?

Andras is a drug-free, non-prescription formulation created specifically for men's issues related to body composition, sexual performance, physical strength, endurance and overall good health. It is scientifically blended from natural, organic herbs and minerals that were specifically selected based upon evidence of beneficial effects of its ingredients as published in medical research articles as well as from testimonials of consumers. Daily use of Andras provides robust support of its efficacy and safety for sustaining and enhancing physical and cognitive function in men during middle age and beyond. Andras is particularly effective in resolving sexual problems associated with aging, as well as opposing age-related, loss of muscle mass, bone, strength and for elevating mood and favorable self-image. It also serves as a tonic for maintaining general physiological and metabolic health and vitality.

Sexual dysfunction is one of the most basic problems faced by men throughout their lives. Pre-mature ejaculation is a source of embarrassment and disappointment during love making that often occurs in young adulthood and in some cases even into later decades. However, a more common source of male performance anxiety is impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED), the inability to access or maintain an erection during intercourse. These problems can become self-fulfilling over time as anxiety increases and growing fear of failure makes the ability to perform sexually grow more and more difficult. Subsequently, loss of self confidence and frustration with repeated failure leads to reduced libido and avoidance of intimacy.

The ingredients in Andras have been demonstrated to oppose these maladaptive effects on sexual performance, endurance, self-confidence. Premature ejaculation occurs most frequently as the result of hyper-anticipation in conjunction with anxiety at having orgasm, in many cases, before intercourse has barely begun. Since the basis of this problem is psychological not physical, Andras contains "adaptogens" which are ingredients known to reduce anxiety. These serve the double purpose of opposing not only premature ejaculation, but also the more problematic issue of ED, which has both psychological and physiological/hormonal bases.

Aging is associated with a progressive lowering of testosterone, which in turn diminishes sensitivity of the penis to stimulation and blunts the neurological response for erection. In association with the hormonal imbalance is metabolic changes that reduce nitric oxide, a chemical that dilates blood vessels in the penis to promote erection. The Andras formulation contains ingredients reported to increase testosterone as well as nitric oxide, thereby directly confronting the physiological issues associated with erectile dysfunction.

Other concerns of men during aging involve loss of muscle and bone mass, strength, and endurance all of which negatively impact physical appearance and a positive self-image. These effects are directly related to reduced levels of testosterone and growth hormone (hGH). The ingredients in Andras not only increase testosterone production by the testes, but also stimulate the pituitary or master gland of the body to rejuvenate its ability to balance hormones, including hGH. They also diminish oxidative stress in cells of the body.

Based upon the potential of Andras for improving male sexual performance, endurance, function and whole body maintenance, the product is a valuable adjunct to diet and exercise for ensuring that men enjoy good health, vitality and quality of life throughout adulthood.