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What is GYNECA?

Gyneca is a scientific blend of natural, organic, drug free ingredients. It is formulated for women in accordance with scientific and medical-based published studies as well as consumer reports of its specific beneficial effects. In on-going studies, daily use of Gyneca has confirmed efficacy and safety for opposing physical and cognitive decline in women during aging with particular focus on enhancement of female sexual interest, capability and responsiveness.

Many of the age-associated physical and mood problems women face involve their reproductive functions. These result from imbalance of sex hormones in younger women during periods of menstruation or in older women due to the menopause. During these times, especially aging there is concern about changes in the body that negatively affect, self image, confidence, desire (libido), intimacy, skin quality as well as other functional parameters involving the heart, skeletal system, adrenal function and others.

Gyneca has been demonstrated to oppose these maladaptive effects on vitality, mood, quality of life, and physical performance. To achieve these goals, the ingredients have been selected for several purposes. One of the most primary is to restore normal hormone balance and fertility in younger women that often are disrupted by elevated levels of male hormones such as testosterone. These are balanced by a direct effect on pituitary gland function as well as from the estrogenic nature of ingredients in Gyneca. These characteristics of the product have many benefits on ovarian function, including improvement of egg (oocyte) quality and maturation. Gyneca also reduces pain of menstruation and menopause due to its antispasmodic properties. Similarly it is effective in combatting nausea associated with reproductive system related, gastro-intestinal upset. By increasing production of nitrous oxide, ingredients in Gyneca promote better vaginal health, oppose UTI's and improve vaginal tightness, elasticity and lubrication.

Regarding enhancement of female body type, ingredients in Gyneca have been reported to improve a number of esthetic factors related to female attractiveness including breast firmness and enlargement that characterize a more youthful appearance. Systemic oxidative stress is diminished thereby reducing depth of skin wrinkling, skin roughness and improving skin elasticity and moisture.

Regarding general health, the ingredients in Gyneca oppose bone loss and increase muscle strength lessening the risk of wrist, spine and hip fractures while decreasing muscle fatigue. Different parameters of muscular function including average peak torque, power, knee extensor muscle torque also improve with regular use of Gyneca.

Based upon the reported benefits of ingredients in Gyneca that include but are not limited to improving sexual function at all ages, the product is a good tonic for the female system that can provide a means for maintaining and enjoying good quality of life throughout adulthood