PLI Therapy

Primary Locus Intervention


This high-quality, high dose product blends the full-spectrum ProSomaTM CBD concentrate with medium-chain triglycerides derived from wholesome and organic, naturally occurring, plant oils to enhance sublingual absorption. Learn More »


Andras is a drug-free, non-prescription formulation created specifically for men's issues related to body composition, sexual performance, physical strength, endurance and overall good health. Learn More »

PRIMARY LOCUS INTERVENTION (PLI) is a novel approach to target the production of vital substances at the highest level of organization within specific metabolic pathways.* We have developed three unique products utilizing the PLI approach: ANRAS,GYNECA, & CBD6.



Prosoma is pleased to introduce Gyneca™ and Andras™, two new enhancement products that are specifically formulated to maintain and improve health, vitality and to overcome the physical and mental challenges of aging in women and men, respectively.

Product safety

Clinical studies show that the ingredients in PLI Therapy products lacks side effects and is safe for human consumption. Learn More »


Gyneca is a scientific blend of natural, organic, drug free ingredients. It is formulated for women in accordance with scientific and medical-based published studies as well as consumer reports of its specific beneficial effects. Learn More »